An image of a house that shows what AS SEEN checks during an inspection

Types of Inspections AS SEEN performs:

Pre-Purchase (Buyers) – gives buyers unbiased condition assessment to reduce later costly repairs

Pre-Sale/Listing (Sellers) – for sellers looking to avoid surprise results / repair costs of buyers inspection

Home Maintenance – assists homeowners in setting up seasonal routines

New Home Warranty – suggested prior to warranty expiry to assess condition

Specialty – WETT, Radon, Thermal IR - normally at request of insurance or other agency providers

Inspection Process

Inspections usually take between 2-4 hours, but this depends on the type. At our arranged appointment date/time we meet to review our prior (emailed) signed agreement and discuss your concerns & expectations.

The client is encouraged (at their own risk) to participate with AS SEEN in the inspection; to help you better understand the different home systems & components for your homeownership.

After the inspection, AS SEEN will provide a summary briefing on what was seen/discovered & later to follow in AS SEEN’s electronic report. Your personal tailored report (with pictures) will describe the homes present/existing systems, point out any limitations or exceptions not covered & indicate recommendations on defects or attributes observed in the home during the inspection.

The inspection & reporting must follow a (Click to View) Standards of Practice which will cover the entire dwelling in 10 reported sections including:

ROOFING - includes attic, vents, skylights

EXTERIOR - includes chimneys, drainage, gutters, downspouts, soffits, outbuildings, garages, walkways, porches, decks, steps, balconies, lot grading

STRUCTURE - includes foundation, basement, crawl spaces, walls

ELECTRICAL SERVICE / DISTRIBUTION - includes panel, grounding, bonding

HEATING - includes fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, boilers (oil, gas, electric, wood, propane)

COOLING & HEAT PUMP - includes fitted ducted or ductless; not portable

INSULATION & VENTILATION - includes that found in attic, walls, foundation

PLUMBING - includes water supply, waste, treatment systems (heater, fixtures, faucets)

INTERIOR - includes windows, doors, appliances, stairs, railings

SITE/PROPERTY INFO - includes general time/day conditions plus lot location info

Picture of a open shell house with details of areas and types of problems that can be discovered during an inspection by As Seen

Picture of a house detailing areas within the house structure that are inspected by As Seen

over 500 items attic to basement, pillar to post……and much more

During the inspection, other services may be offered if necessary or requested by you. Click to see our optional extra TESTING KITS available.

Click to review a sample Appliance RecallChek report, which is Recall Protection for life & includes a monthly RecallTrak maintenance tips newsletter.

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A Note About Cost

AS SEEN posts costs for you to see upfront. You should compare.

AS SEEN prices are typical to local industry standards.

You should beware of lower prices & inquire why?

If you have a concern about AS SEEN pricing, call to discuss & you will understand & then book with AS SEEN. Pricing referral incentives are available.

Cancellation Policy – If the inspection is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time, a cancellation fee of 25% of the inspection fee may apply.

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